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The Preparatory Committee held its 17th meeting on Thursday 30 June, in the premises of the Regional Division of the UPC in Stockholm, Sweden. This was the first meeting since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

In the meeting, the UPC Preparatory Committee:

  • endorsed a number of papers which set out the rules on “financial management during the period of provisional application, how to structure the corporate functions, and regulations relating to judges and staff”. Minor technical work is expected during the summer but it won’t be readdressed in the meeting
  • agreed a set of consequential amendments to the Rules of Procedure following the previous agreement on the court fees
  • agreed the Code of Conduct for representatives who appear before the court
  • endorsed the UPC’s draft budget, but stated that the budget will be a “live document subject to changes before finally adopted by the Administrative Committee

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for early October 2016.

30 Jun 2019