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Legal documents establishing the unitary patent system

Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (and Statute of the Unified Patent Court) OJ 2013/C 175/01

Unitary Patent Regulation No 1257/2012 (PDF format)

Translation Regime Regulation No 1260/2012 (PDF format)

EU council decision of 10 March 2011 authorising enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection (2011/167/EU) (PDF format)

EU commission decision of 30 September 2015 confirming the participation of Italy in enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection ((EU) 2015/1753)

Regulation 1215/2012 as amended by Regulation 542/2014 (Brussels I) (PDF format)

Unitary patent 

EPO Rules relating to  unitary patent protection

EPO Rules relating to the fees for unitary patent protection

EPO Rules relating to budgetary and financial implications of the unitary patent

European Patent Convention

European commission’s commentary on the unitary patent


UPC official website

UPC Rules of Procedure (18th draft)

Rules on Court Fees and Recoverable Costs

Follow the UPC ratification process

Protocol on  the Provisional Application of the UPC Agreement (allows some provisions of the UPC Agreement to enter into force before the rest of the Agreement)

UPC preparatory committee interpretative note on the applicability of  the UPC Agreement to opted-out European patents

UPC preparatory committee consultation on court fees and recoverable costs

UPC case management system (beta test site – sign-up required)

“An enhanced European Patent System”– endorsed by UPC Select and Preparatory Committees in 2014

Latest news from the UPC preparatory committee

UK  implementation of the unitary patent system

The Patents (European Patent with Unitary Effect and Unified Patent Court) Order 2016 (draft statutory instrument) (PDF format)

UKIPO consultation on secondary legislation implementing the UPC Agreement and Unitary Patent Regulations

Summary of responses to UKIPO’s consultation

Government response to UKIPO’s consultation

Impact Assessments (PDF format) (PDF format)

Intellectual Property Act 2014 (Article 17 provides for implementation of the UPC Agreement)

Exploring perspectives of the unitary patent and UPC – An analysis by the UKIPO of the key issues for potential users of the unitary patent and UPC and recommendations of how to address them. (July 2014) (PDF format) 



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